Two best friends just trying to build something bigger than us.

Hello, hello!

With my own handwriting and the beautiful smile of my Boston Terrier, Bandit, I created Sidesandwich Paper Co. on my 30th birthday by opening my Etsy shop in 2015. I can even remember taking the first picture of my Bandit-faced card on a pillow case on my boyfriend’s bed. It makes my heart swell.

I had always wanted to make greeting cards; the way you can brighten someone’s day with your own words and unique handwriting, creating a tangible keepsake, always stayed with me from childhood. I think I’ve kept every card my mother gave me, she always underlined JUST the right words and added her own loving messages.

Kicking off with the love & support of Bandit and Tootalltom inspiring love and gratitude cards LEFT AND RIGHT, Sidesandwich was born. Our goal is to encourage others to be themselves, give more love & thanks and scatter more joy in the universe.

I create, print and handfold each card in my home studio. I found that making something with my hands, using recycled materials, incorporating dance & music – is all helping me battle my anxiety and depression (more prevelant after the passing of B in 2017 to eye cancer). Art is a wonderful healer and I look forward to days in my studio to create.

Each order is made with love and sent with hopes that my simple paper vessel will go forth and create even more joy to those you love. I want to also encourage girls to be excited about space, science, love, friendships, maybe starting a business of their own. A portion of proceeds from Sidesandwich sales are donated to the ACLU and NOW. I want to support education, keep handwriting alive and help others share their unique voice.

Sometimes the right words are hard to say, maybe one of my awkward cards can help bridge the gap and open the lines of communication.

Thank you for checking us out and supporting small business!

Be safe, be kind and scatter more joy in the world ❤

(Cue The Smith Street Band’s “Bigger Than Us”… Bandit and I’s anthem)


I fell into that cactus shortly after this photo was taken. it was very painful. I laughed for 3 hours.

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